5 Copywriting Tips to Make People Want What You’re Selling

I read a great article on Copyblogger a while ago that looked at five reasons why people might not buy from you. It went on to offer copywriting tips to overcome readers’ objections.

I’ve taken the same issues as a basis for this blog and added my own (hopefully helpful) advice…

PROBLEM 1: People don’t want what you’re selling.

Mmm, sounds like a tricky one doesn’t it? Some people don’t want what you’re selling and never will, some people don’t want it now or at that price, some people will be beating down your door when the wind changes and lots of people are waiting to have the budget to buy… it’s hard to know exactly what everyone wants.

But if you target your writing as much as possible towards people who are most likely to buy from you, the people who simply aren’t in the market for whatever you sell will disappear. Refine the way you speak to your target market and they will connect more with what you’re saying, and be more interested in what you’re offering.

If you need help with targeting your writing this blog will help.

PROBLEM 2. They’re confused.

(Aren’t we all?!)

how to make people buy from you through copywriting

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid – an easy one to remember

Confused minds don’t buy, says Copyblogger, so don’t confuse them. Make sure your message is clear, your writing is straightforward, you use simple language and your marketing is clearly laid out. Don’t try to fit everything you know about what you’ve done for 20 years onto an A5 flyer, and never try to outfox people, it will turn them right off.

If you work in an industry with lots of jargon, remember not to be taken over by the Curse of Knowledge and write for people who don’t know as much as you do about employment law or underwriting or whatever it is you do.

This blog will help you write in plain language and, if you’re putting a web page together, you may find the F-shape reading pattern interesting.

PROBLEM 3: They’re not ‘seeing’ it or feeling it.

Try to get your readers to put themselves into the shoes of someone using your product or service, to feeeel like they are experiencing it for themselves.

If they can imagine showing off your amazing app to their mates at the pub, lounging on your soft plush sofa, tasting a delicious dish at your restaurant or cooking their first meal with their family in the new kitchen you’ve supplied, you’ve hooked ’em!

These tips will help:

  • Use the second person, ‘you’.
  • Tell readers about the benefits they’ll get from coming to you (or the bad stuff they’ll avoid) – check out The Way to Someone’s Heart (and Wallet!).

  • Be specific. “Someone lost weight” isn’t as powerful as “Sheila Martin from York lost 6lbs in 2 weeks on this diet”.

  • Tell your clients’ stories, and use case studies and testimonials.

  • And one I’m borrowing from Copyblogger – use sensory details, make people feel and see your product or service.

Get them to feel it, see it, smell it… want it!

copywriting tips to get people to buy

PROBLEM 4: You haven’t asked them to buy.

This is a bit of a copywriting mantra: always include a ‘call to action’.

What’s one of those? Simply tell the reader to do something (you can tell rather than ask). If you tell your readers to give you a call or read your blog or send back a voucher it makes it much more likely that they will.

Even if someone loves what you do and is ready to buy they may not do anything about it simply because you haven’t put the idea in their head.

PROBLEM 5: Potential customers don’t believe you.

This is a biggie. You have to build trust with your readers and potential clients, and that takes time. What’s that saying? People have to know, like and trust you to do business with you.

Make it easy for people to trust you and always deliver

Apart from delivering and being true to your word, not making outlandish claims or using dodgy marketing methods, you can prove that you’re trustworthy with case studies, client stories, testimonials and recommendations. And if you can use photos or video to back up your writing it will strengthen what you’re saying.

So there you have it, five quick tips to improving your writing and help you overcome buyers’ inertia.

If you like this blog, please feel free to share it (that’s a nice gentle call to action).


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