citizenM Hotels: Gob-smackingly Good Copy

I stayed at the Tower of London citizenM hotel on Sunday night to wake up bright and breezy for a workshop there with a new client on Monday.

And now I’m a little bit in love with the brand.

From the jaw-dropping view of the Tower of London, to using an iPad to control everything in your room, to the coffee bar and baristas downstairs, the one-minute online check-in, the rooftop bar with stunning panoramic views of London, the slick service, pod-like bathroom, complimentary bottled water, funky Brit-flavoured decor, free-to-use iMacs, living room with TVs and music… the place is incredible and the attention to detail is seriously impressive.

That goes as far as the copy and the chain’s tone of voice.

It’s one of the few that makes you stop, heap silent praise on their copywriters, and take pictures to share with other people who appreciate gob-smackingly good copy.


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