Sally shines out for her creativity and courage to challenge the status quo with fresh and inspired thinking. She cares passionately about quality writing and clear messaging. She is also very digital and social media literate and is able to apply her work across multiple channels to great effect. She is great fun to work with, not least due to her intelligent quick wit. A real pleasure to work with and someone I will continue working with long term.

– Ash Rishi, COUCH Digital Marketing

Fast, reliable, witty – I got a great service working with Sally and recommend her to anyone that needs content or copy services. I will be working with her again soon – no doubts.

– Tom Bell, Progressive Supplies

I asked Sally to work on the copy for my new website. Sally not only writes well, but bearing in mind I have never met Sally, she got to know me and understood the tone and the theme of my website straight away. She took the time to get to know the person behind the website and I felt very comfortable and confident with the results. She is meticulous and follows through from start to finish. I would ask Sally to help me with any of my blog, printed or web copy again without hesitation.

– Sabina Hinchcliffe, PA Business Support

I asked Sally to write the wording for my new web site. I met up with her and she took full notes of what I was after and kept in good communication whilst she did the work.  I am delighted with the result and would have no hesitation in fully recommending her and her business.

– Paul Rolling, 555 Print Services

Sally completed an urgent copywriting project for us. She was highly professional throughout our dealings and we would not hesitate in recommending her.

– Paul King, April King Legal

We’ve worked with Sally on a specific project for us and she has delivered work as a supplier to our clients. She delivers on time, grasps creative concepts intuitively and develops them and is thorough in her questioning and research prior to delivering her proposals. She’s part of our outsource team, highly recommend.

– Jo Sealy, To Market

I approached Sally to write a lead page for a transformation contest I was setting up. Sally delivered an excellent page which consistently converts prospects into paying Clients and met a challenging deadline for its completion. I would have no hesitation recommending Sally to others or using her services for future projects.

– Alex West, Boost Your Body


Sally is a very talented and successful writer. Her writing is creative, exciting, lively, witty and, of course, informative. It was her interesting writing that inspired me to ask her for some blog training. I had read quite a bit about blogging and all of Sally’s blogs, and she was able to customise our training sessions around my personal needs and deficits.

Sally is very knowledgeable and talking to her was extremely helpful and all my concerns became suddenly clear. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, although with her friendly and relaxed manner it doesn’t really feel like work. I can thoroughly recommend Sally for any writing projects and in particular her blog training.

– Barbara Gare, Grammar for Business

Sally has helped me to understand the importance of blogging and gave lots of tips and ideas to get me started with my blog. Her friendly and professional manner made it easy to work with Sally. It was great to learn from somebody who’s very creative and an expert in her field but at the same time could explain the necessary information in simple terms. I would highly recommend Sally to anyone who’s wondering where to start with their blogging and what’s the best way to do it.

– Jurga Proudlove, JP Dynamic Fitness

Sally’s unhurried, responsive approach meant that I felt totally confident in asking all the questions which were guaranteed to make me look stupid! Sally’s knowledge and appetite for blogging is certainly infectious and so with my new understanding of the nuts and bolts of set up I was raring to go. We planned my content and how to integrate my blog with other marketing activity so that by the time the session was over I felt totally ready to blog.

I made my first blog post on Monday and saw a 300% increase in traffic to my website on that day.

– Katherine Wilson, number8glass

Sally was a great support to me in improving my blogging skills & giving huge tips and advice on supporting clients through content marketing.In terms of a trainer, Sally is prepared, 100% committed and also fantastic at following up with me. Sally had researched me and my business and tailored the training accordingly with relevant, timely advice. I 100% recommend Sally!

– Lucy Hooper, Lulaberry

Really enjoyed my 1-1 blogging training with Sally, she tailored the session to my particular needs and was able to get straight to the heart of the matter addressing my areas of weakness and concern.  As well as being great fun, Sally is very generous in sharing her own experiences of running a business – so real-life, invaluable advice too!

– Eva Seymour, Well Put Words

I asked Sally to help me out with some ideas and structure to my blog planning process. Having “been there and done that” she was able to help me put into perspective what needed doing and hone my plan. Providing a sensible critique, and tips from her obvious broad knowledge, I would recommend Sally’s friendly and personable approach to anyone looking to improve their writing and blogging skills.

– Richard Benson, QS Insurance

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