How I Fell Off Page One of Google

As you’ll know from my last post, The Latest Headlines from WordNerd HQ, I’ve been a “little bit busy”. Between lots of client work, writing an eBook and that thing called Christmas (oh, and I forgot to mention my car being written off so I didn’t have any wheels for a couple of months), there wasn’t a lot of time for other things.

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We all know that you have to have a blog these days and that the more often you post the better. And I know not having time is a rubbish excuse but…

I left my blog hanging there, unloved and unwritten, for more than two months because I was hectic.

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In September last year, I wrote a post called How I Got Onto Page One of Google about – you’ve guessed it – getting onto page one of Google for certain search terms in a relatively short space of time. But when I checked my position in January, I’d fallen off the first page, WordNerd was nowhere to be seen.

Google updated their algorithm a few times in January [there’s a good round-up of Google’s changes on Search Engine RoundTable] but not in a way that could have affected my site so I didn’t think that was the cause.

The only thing that had changed in that time was that I hadn’t written a single post.

So I got myself sorted, wrote a blog about my latest news, posted it and forgot about it. Then, like an itch I had to scratch, I searched for myself again this week (an old boss of mine had a term for this ‘cos it does feel a bit egotistical but her term is far too rude to share!).

And ta-dah!

I’m back on page one for three out of the four key phrases I’m targeting.

So the moral of the story is… don’t do any preparation for Christmas until two days before in case it takes you away from your work.

I’m joking. I guess the moral is to always post blogs even during the busy times and to be prepared for those times by having lots of content up your sleeve – and you’ll keep the people searching for you, Google and your ego happy.


P.S. Ooh, and I’ve got a BRILLIANT tip for you thanks to lovely Dan Winters from Winters Web who I met last week…

– Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools

– Click on your website on the Home page

– Then click on Search Queries (above the graph) and you can see which searches have brought back pages/posts on your site in the last 30 days (you can change the date range). It also shows you the number of impressions (how may times that URL – post or page – has come up in a search for that term), the CTR (Click-Through Rate) and the average position of your page. Nice huh.




2 thoughts on “How I Fell Off Page One of Google

  1. Thank you, Sally. Just what I needed to read today. It isn’t that I don’t know, but knowing and doing are two completely different things, and I am grateful for any reminders. I always enjoy your posts but more importantly, I always find something I need to read in each one.
    Barbara G, Enfield

  2. Hi Barbara,
    You’re very welcome, thank you for the lovely comment.

    I kept letting it fall to the bottom of the list, it was a reminder to me too. Given what we do for a living we can’t really outsource our blogs can we?! Guest posts can be good though. I think i need to get better at planning, never been my strong point.

    I’m glad they help 🙂 Good luck with your blogging!


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