New Behavioural Insights Training (Inspired by CopyCon)

Once I’d found the entrance to the Barbican (!) I had a blast at the Copywriting Conference in London back in October.

It was amazing to hear two of my copywriting heroes speak – Joanna Wiebe and Richard Shotton – and I can add Laura Parker and Harry Kapur to that list having seen them at CopyCon.

I was totally blown away by the feedback on my talk:

“Glorious” “Mind-blowing” “Brilliant session” “Really cool ideas” “So interesting” “Insightful” “Fantastic”

People seemed to find it really interesting and useful – which is what I was aiming for but you’re never really sure how it will go down until you’ve done it.

I don’t think I’ve done a big talk like that since I spoke at WordCamp in Utrecht in 2016 and it reminded me how much I love public speaking and training.

For years, I taught people about blogging but the writing took over and I haven’t done it for ages. CopyCon cemented it for me, I want to do some more.

So – drum roll, please – I am very excited to be running a workshop on behavioural insights next year.

Would you like to come along? It’s going to be on Friday 7 February at the very sexy citizenM Tower of London hotel.


It’s going to be interesting AND useful!

It’ll go beyond the theory and experiments and look at how you can apply the learnings to your work to make it more persuasive, more engaging and more effective.

Once you learn about this stuff, you start seeing it everywhere (which is a bias itself!). I’m using it more and more in my own work, trying new things and always learning. I’ll be happy to share the results.

It’s going to be a hands-on day so I’ve roped my partner into doing the training with me and running the practical exercises. She’s a headteacher so there’s not much she doesn’t know about teaching.

We’re going to be applying the three-f’s (fffs) principle: it’s going to be fun, fascinating and fruitful.

By the end of the day you’ll:

  • Understand what heuristics are and why we use them
  • Have learnt about several relevant cognitive biases that affect our decision-making and buying decisions (we’re not as logical as you may think)
  • Know the science and the sometimes weird and wonderful experiments behind it all
  • Have been inspired by some brilliant examples of brands applying psychology to their marketing really effectively
  • Know how to apply what you’ve learnt to your own copywriting through practical exercises and tailored advice

And here’s a brief rundown of the day:

8:30–9:00a.m. Arrive, meet everyone, grab a coffee

9:00a.m. Start the day

1:00–2:00p.m. Lunch break

4:45p.m. Finish

5:00p.m. Join us in the bar for a drink

There’s more info about the training here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything at all to do with the day.

To pre-empt a few:

  1. Yes! Drinks all day (good coffee of course), pastries, cakes and healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon, and a lovely lunch.
  2. I’ve got two economics degrees and I’ve been fascinated by behavioural economics for years. I’ve read and written a lot on the subject, and I’ve also done a course in behavioural economics with 42 Courses.
  3. Learning about yourself and your own behaviour is enlightening but it’s also practical. You can apply what you learn to your work to improve conversion rates, engagement, loyalty… understanding a bit about psychology can do so much. Just as a quick example, writing using simple language makes people more likely to trust you.
  4. The hotel is above Tower Hill tube station and the views from the 6th floor are awesome.

Any other questions give me a shout!


P.S. I’ve set up a special Christmas-friendly payment option to spread the cost. All the info is here.


What are your thoughts?