Previous work

Here’s a selection of my previous work. If you’d like to see any more examples just ask.


Career & employee performance coach Penny Strutton

The wonderful Nottinghamshire Hospice

Sustainable-packaging people Progressive Supplies

Experts in grants & tenders Silverlock

Digital signage specialists WOW-Digital

Providers of LED lighting Lumenx

Email re-marketing pioneers SwiftERM

Landing Pages

Personal trainer Boost Your Body

Coaching & mentoring programme run by WOBS (Women on the Business Stage)

Award Entries

Adams’ HAE Award Entry 2014 (they won)

Adams’ HAE Award Entry 2015 (they won again!)


I can’t really share the posts I’ve written on here but if you email me and ask to see them I’ll send you some links.

Among lots of other lovely clients, I’ve also worked/work with:

My writing has also appeared on these websites…