WordCamp Nederland I: My First International Speaking Gig!

At some point during the summer, I’m not exactly sure when, I applied to be a speaker at WordCamp Nederland 2016.

Matt Mullenweg (best known for developing WordPress in 2003 with fellow founder Mike Little) organised the first ever WordCamp 10 years ago in San Francisco. These days there are nearly 16 million WordPress websites and about 80 million blogs so it’s kind of a big deal, and WordPress devotees organise hundreds of WordCamps in 48 countries around the world.

I got an email from one of them asking people to apply to speak in Utrecht in October. I thought it sounded fun so I filled in the application form then immediately forgot all about it. It was one of those ‘I’d love to do it but it won’t happen so I’m not going to think about it’ things.

Well, more fool me!

Several weeks later, I was checking my emails late on a Friday night (as you do) and there was an email saying:

“Congratulations! You have been selected to be a speaker at WordCamp Nederland 2016”!

WordCamp Nederland 2016 WordPress event

So, on Saturday 15th October, at a venue that looks like something from the future, in front of about three hundred people, I’m going to be telling the story of ‘How WordPress Saved My Life’.

It’s basically how and why I started working for myself in 2011 when I’d been really ill, how using WordPress meant I could set up a website for free, and (as someone who’d never heard of CSS or HTML before) how the open-source platform has helped me on my self-employment journey.

The conference is being filmed for WordPress TV (OK, it’s not exactly the BBC but it’s still quite exciting!), if it’s not too cringey I’ll share my talk on here. And I’ll definitely report back after the weekend.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “WordCamp Nederland I: My First International Speaking Gig!

  1. Hi Sally,

    I think you’re very brave to be doing this talk, I really hope you enjoy it! What a fantastic networking opportunity. I’d be very interested to see the talk if you do post it on your website.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Steven,
    Thank you! I’m really looking forward to it at the moment, I’m sure my nerves will kick in next week. I hope so. I’m not keen on seeing myself on video so I’ll see! I can always share the link with you though.

    It was lovely to get your comment, thank you.


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