free copywriting advice
Free copywriting advice? Pro bono work?

Anyone worth their copywriting salt will tell you ‘We don’t do that’.

And that’s true for me… except when it isn’t!

When I actually sat down and thought about it, I realised that I’ve edited and advised on speeches, fundraising pages, CVs, landing pages, leaflets, etc, etc over the years for free and I’m only too happy to help.

Whether you know me or not and whatever you do, I’m really happy to cast an eye over your work and offer advice.

I hate being asked for advice

– no one ever

There’s no need for weird emails, offers of marriage or future work, just don’t expect hours of my time or for me to be able to get back to you immediately.

In the past, I’ve been sent some very strange enquiries that were thinly disguised requests for advice but there’s no need to do that.

Just ask me to look at your work and I’ll get back to you with my feedback and some helpful suggestions for ways you could improve it.

And if you happen to work for a charity or a good cause, I’ll be extra generous with my time. We only have what we give and all that.

Just fill in the form below.