Why would I hire a copywriter?

There are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea to hire someone to write your website, blog or other marketing material for you. Yes, everyone can write and string a sentence together, but unless that’s the main part of your job or you’re willing to learn how to do it really well, it makes more sense to pay a professional to do it.

A copywriter will be able to tailor their writing to online content, marketing for print and journalistic copy. They should also be obsessive about grammar and will be able to be objective about your company.

What is the difference between content and copy?

Copy and content are often used interchangeably but strictly speaking they’re not the same thing. Content is everything on a web page, whereas copy is aimed at getting the reader to do something, i.e. open the next mailing, click on a link, buy your widgets.

Do you charge per hour or per project?

I can do either. Most people prefer to know how much a project will cost but I’m happy to charge per hour or day too. Clients I work with regularly pay me a retainer, which guarantees that I’ll be available (at short notice if necessary) to work for them for a certain amount of time every month.

What relevant experience do you have?

I’ve always been an avid reader and writer (read About me) and I’ve been writing professionally for a number of years. Since I set up WordNerd in 2011, I’ve written blogs, web copy, brochures, flyers, press releases, articles, email marketing, newsletters and award entries (that won!).

Prior to running WordNerd, I worked for charities in marketing and fundraising for about three years. During that time I wrote web content, press releases, articles for in-house publications and direct marketing. I’ve also had a number of articles published in local and national publications on a wide range of topics, from the Equality Act to my favourite holiday destination.

To see some of my work please have a look at my Portfolio or feel free to get in touch if you’d like to see more.

Do I need a technical writer or can I employ a generalist?

For most industries, a general copywriter will be fine even if they haven’t written for your sector (marketing tends not to use specialist language). If you do need technical writing, however, it probably makes sense to use someone who has experience of your industry.

What are your payment terms?


Once we’ve discussed the project, I will send you a written quote. Your quote includes two edits, proofreading, research, plus any consultations, conversations and meetings we have. Further edits will be charged at £65 /hour. I ask for 50% payment in advance and 50% on submission of the first draft.

Payment is required within 14 days of the invoice. If payment is late I reserve the right to charge a late fee and interest on the outstanding balance. If an invoice is paid late I may ask for full payment in advance on future projects.





Do you work with people in a specific location?

I am based in Nottingham, UK and can work with you wherever you are, we can discuss everything we need to by email, telephone or Skype. If you are local I may suggest we meet up to discuss the project but it isn’t necessary.

Do you do web design or photography?

I don’t do either I’m afraid but I can recommend a very good photographer and some great web designers so feel free to get in touch and ask me for their details.

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