In a rush? Here are my top 16 quick writing tips

Sometimes it’s two days before your honeymoon, you’ve got all your packing to do, one more deadline to hit for a client, the dog’s yapping at you for a walk, your in-laws are coming for dinner, and you’ve recently signed up several new blog readers who are fairly new to the copywriting game.

So, what do you do?

You go back to basics and come up with a list of super-quick and handy writing tips:

  1. Replace long words with shorter ones if you can
  2. Use you a lot as it engages with readers

  3. Check, check and check again: read your work forwards, backwards and out loud (and ask someone else to read it too)

  4. Ask people to take the next step with a call to action

  5. Target your writing for your ideal client and write as though you’re addressing just one person

  6. Use sensory detail so your readers can feel, taste or smell what you’re talking about

  7. Take time to come up with a great title or headline

  8. Don’t forget about the layout and make sure there’s lots of white space

  9. Stay away from jargon, it’s horrible to read

  10. Spend more time editing than writing the first draft (as Ernest Hemingway said, The first draft of everything is shit)

  11. Know the rules of grammar and punctuation

  12. Then break them (but not all of them. Jack, off the horse needs that comma)

  13. Run spellcheck but don’t rely on it – context is important

  14. Go for quality not quantity in everything you write

  15. Use alliteration, rhyme and humour sparingly

  16. O.U.A.I.Y.A.K.W.T.M = Only Use Acronyms If Your Audience Knows What They Mean

That’s all folks!

Have a great couple of weeks.


What are your thoughts?

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