Client Success Stories: How I Help Businesses Grow

In my blog training I mention that case studies make great posts yet I tend not to get round to writing my own.

Well, today that changes! I am following my own advice and showing you how I’ve helped businesses recently…

Brochures that show off your company

Ash approached me about rewriting the brochure for his London-based marketing and communications agency, COUCH, a few months ago. He sent me the first draft and I emailed back saying I’d love to work on the brochure, with a few notes about what I’d do to improve it.

The response I got:

“And that is why you’re a copywriter and I’m not. You’ve got the job!”

Having learnt that COUCH had worked with other copywriters but none of them had quite ‘got’ the company, I worked hard to get the tone right. COUCH is a dynamic agency, they are partnered with Hubspot, Hootsuite and Nimble, and have clients as big as Nivea, Braun and Dolce & Gabbana. So I wanted to nail it.

And I did. Ash and his fellow Directors loved my writing, they said I’d got the tone spot on and, in his testimonial Ash said:

“Sally shines out for her creativity and courage to challenge the status quo with fresh and inspired thinking. She cares passionately about quality writing and clear messaging”.

You can read the brochure here: Couch BrochureWordnerd blog

Compelling copy for a marketing email

Andy is an innovative business owner and runs a print and design business (as well as four other companies) in Nottingham. He got in touch about a copywriting project a month or so ago as he’d heard that I was ‘the word lady’. We’ve done various pieces of work together since then and most recently he asked me to write a marketing email.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial nature, Andy has come up with a clever new way of producing presentation folders, which saves on materials. It means his costs are lower so his prices are lower too, opening up the market to businesses who previously couldn’t afford the folders. He wanted me to get all that across in a short, friendly email that would hopefully lead to some enquiries  – and orders.

I called in to Andy’s studio to watch and understand the new way of making the product, we talked about tone of voice and who the email was going out to. Then I went back to my writing cave where I remained until I’d crafted something I was happy with.

Thankfully Andy was happy with it too – he even used the word “perfection” – then he sent it out to his list.

When I asked Andy the next week whether it had worked he seemed pretty pleased, five orders for folders came in immediately, covering the cost of employing me several times over, and someone got in touch just to say how well written the email was (and I’ve just had an email introducing the two of us).

modern typewriter

Blog training to help a small business grow

Local business owner, Katherine, runs a fantastic glass-making business from her studio near Nottingham.

Katherine wants to build the business and when we first chatted she’d heard of blogging but was unsure of the best way to go about it. She was also a keen social media user and wasn’t sure that the format of blogging would suit her. 

She booked herself on to a training session with me and we spent a morning covering the essentials of setting up and writing an effective business blog – why it’s important to have the blog on your website, how to promote your blog posts, some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, online writing tips and the importance of guest blogging.

After three hours’ of training (and a nice lunch) I left Katherine to it and, keen as mustard, she posted her first blog that day – an explanation of how she turns gin bottles into chopping boards and serving platters – and saw her web traffic increase by 300% immediately.

Katherine has continued to blog regularly and has seen lots of benefits including increased traffic, new contacts, peer endorsement and an increase in sales.
You can read Katherine’s blog here: Number 8 Glass

WordNerd writing & training

There are lots of other stories with happy endings I could tell – I’ve helped over 60 businesses since setting up WordNerd in 2011 –  these are a few of my favourites.

Don’t forget to use case studies on your blog (I can say that now I’ve done it!) and please feel free to leave a Comment or ask any questions, I always respond.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Well, I shall consider myself an expert then! This post took a particularly long time (as blogs go) because I wanted to make sure my clients were happy with what I’d written and how I referred to them.

    Katherine added the last bit about all the great things that her blog has done for her business, which was super-helpful.

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