Copywriting consultancy

Successful copywriting is part creativity, part science, part testing – and part luck.

If you’d like to minimise the luck part and apply a bit more of the other ingredients, my copywriting consultancy service could be right up your street.

It’s designed to help you grow your business through clear messaging and results-driven copy.

We’ll work together to help you understand: (1) more about your ideal client, (2) how to target your writing for them and (3) how you overcome the problems they come to you to solve.

Working together, we’ll get you closer to your business goals by:

  • engaging with your audience in the right way
  • showing what you do, how you’re different and how you solve your customers’ problems
  • getting you more enquiries, leads and sales

Who is this for?

  • companies with a busy marketing department and more than one person writing the copy (resulting in marketing materials with a split personality)
  • smaller businesses that don’t want to outsource their copywriting but do want to know how to write for their target market (and need the confidence to know they’re doing it right)
  • marketers and business owners who’d like to understand their ideal client better, create crystal clear messaging and get better results from their marketing efforts

Why work with me?

I’ve been a professional copywriter for over seven years and spent another three in marketing.

During that time I’ve worked with a huge range of clients in many industries (from drives manufacturing to financial advice, information security, branding, graphic design, interior design, national media, technology, SaaS, catering, personal training, coaching, an environmental charity…).

And written all sorts of marketing materials (websites, blogs, landing pages, emails, articles, white papers, microcopy and scripts).

Some of the amazing clients I’ve worked with:

previous copywriting clients sally mayor wordnerd

People approach me for help for various reasons but their ultimate aim is always the same: to grow their business.

And that’s what I do. I work as a partner in their business to help them improve their copywriting, get clear on their messaging and increase sales.

How you write matters.

There’s so much out there competing for people’s attention online, you need to make your brand stand out and be consistent across everything you do. People won’t wade through complicated language or jargon. They’ll switch off and click away.

Copywriting isn’t just a matter of correcting typos and adding a call to action, it’s about the language you use and how readers perceive you, starting with a clear message.

I’m a nerd!

I’m interested in behavioural economics and psychology and read about things like nudge theory and its implications for marketing in my spare time – so you don’t have to. I’ll do the nerdy bit, you tell me about your company, and between us we’ll work out the right copywriting strategy for you.

You won’t have to rely on external copywriters.

I’m doing myself out of a job here, but this work will set you and your team up to do all your copywriting in-house. But instead of it being written in seven different voices (!) with no clear idea of who you’re writing for or what to write, you’ll have a strategic overview and a guide to help you. And me on the end of the phone if you need anything.

As they say, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a company about copywriting and they can write their own marketing materials for a lifetime (or something like that).

People say nice things about me and my work. I promise I haven’t paid them and surely they can’t all be lying!

It was a pleasure to work with Sally. She is a fantastic copywriter. She quickly understood the product as well as the voice and tone of the busuu brand. She is reliable and an excellent professional.
Fabia Alves, Community Manager, busuu

Sally is a very talented and successful writer. Her writing is creative, exciting, lively, witty and, of course, informative. It was her interesting writing that inspired me to ask her for some blog training. I had read quite a bit about blogging and all of Sally’s blogs, and she was able to customise our training sessions around my personal needs and deficits. Sally is very knowledgeable and talking to her was extremely helpful and all my concerns became suddenly clear. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, although with her friendly and relaxed manner it doesn’t really feel like work.
Barbara Gare, Copywriter & Proofreader, Grammar for Business

Sally was a great support to me in improving my blogging skills & giving huge tips and advice on supporting clients through content marketing.In terms of a trainer, Sally is prepared, 100% committed and also fantastic at following up with me. Sally had researched me and my business and tailored the training accordingly with relevant, timely advice. I 100% recommend Sally!
Lucy Hooper, Director, Lulaberry

Sally shines out for her creativity and courage to challenge the status quo with fresh and inspired thinking. She cares passionately about quality writing and clear messaging. She is also very digital and social media literate and is able to apply her work across multiple channels to great effect. She is great fun to work with, not least due to her intelligent quick wit.
Ash Rishi, MD, COUCH

How much does it cost?

Copywriting consultancy comes as a bespoke package based on your company’s size and needs.

All packages include:

Discovery Day – a day with you finding out about your company: your goods and/or services, your USP/competitive advantage, your current marketing, your key message, target market, brand values and business goals.

Copywriting Guide – for you to keep and use as a reference for all future projects, it will include lots of tips, examples and practical advice on copywriting style, formats and tone – all tailored for your business.

Workshop – a hands-on session to present you and your team with your guide and go through it together, with interactive exercises to aid learning and plenty of time to ask questions.

As well as support for as long as you need to keep your marketing on track in the future.

Consultancy packages start from £1980.

Please fill in the form below if you’d like to find out more.